Capping and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Raising Awareness about Climate Change Investment and Carbon Capping

Carbon Cap Management LLP is an alternative asset management firm operating in the global carbon and environmental markets.


Carbon Cap Management LLP is the investment advisor to the World Carbon Fund and other climate change investments that have the dual objectives to generate absolute returns and to have a direct impact on climate change.

World Carbon Fund

Our dedicated team manage the World Carbon Fund, a globally diversified fund that invests in multiple liquid and regulated carbon markets and Emission Trading Systems (ETS) with direct climate change impact.

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Educational Videos

We have collected several bitesize sections from webinars hosted by our founder, Michael Azlen. These videos outline the scientific evidence for climate change and its impact on society and investment.

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Executive Summary

Carbon Cap Management LLP is primarily concerned with environmental investment and raising awareness of climate change. Most governments and global investors now consider climate change to be one of the world’s greatest challenges, posing a large risk to both our way of life and investment portfolios. Ratified by more than 190 countries, the Paris Agreement sets out a framework and goals aimed at limiting the increase in average global temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) have been established in multiple locations around the world to cap and reduce carbon dioxide emissions while allowing carbon trading between the major emitting entities. This approach has been successful at reducing emissions at low cost by using the market price of carbon as the key factor that drives emission reductions. Carbon Cap Management LLP believes that these schemes are one of the most important market-based solutions needed to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Our mission is to raise awareness about climate change and to provide solutions directly related to the capping and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. With our strong shareholder base, Carbon Cap is well-placed to establish a leadership position in the environmental investment industry.

In February 2020, Carbon Cap launched the World Carbon Fund, a globally diversified fund that invests into multiple liquid and regulated carbon markets. The Fund pursues an absolute return strategy, seeking to deliver positive returns with a low correlation to traditional and alternative asset classes as well as a direct impact on climate change. Get in touch today to discover more.

Investing in Our Future

Our environmental investment experts raise awareness of climate change and invest in solutions.

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